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United States

America offers students the opportunity to receive Something From A World Famous Education Universities and colleges with the highest rank globally. More than 1,000,000 international students make up America to pursue its destination of choice Education. Majority of international students Shared that getting a degree from America was A good investment, due to both returns Socially and culturally.

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Canada offers international students an academic Excellence, affordability, work opportunities And after study, the path to permanent residence, Study Dreams in Canada Guide offers: Understanding why Canada is one of the world's top study sites Breakdown of various study options available in Canada • How to apply to study, as well as information about costs and scholarships

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Studying In The Australia The gen erom repetition jected humour or non-characteristic words etc.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) has an old relationship Reputation for educational excellence. home to World's oldest university in English speaking World, UK attracts more than 500,000 internationals Students annually. In fact, the UK is among Students from the top three countries choose International education worldwide.

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About our immigration consulting

We've been counselling students for Educational Opportunities in Foreign countries and have been helping them realise their dream of studying abroad.

Many, who have made up their mind to emigrate, may ask "what is the use of hiring an immigration consultant". They feel that ultimately, it is just a form filling activity and some relevant documents have to be attached. There are some people who wonder why I should pay a hefty amount as part of consulting fees. Although the process from filing applications to submitting documents is part of the immigration process, there are various aspects of immigration that you may not be aware of. There may be many minor intricacies associated with the immigration process, which you may not know until you apply for immigration. You have to keep in mind that any incorrect information can lead to rejection of your application and in most cases you cannot reapply. The money and time you spend on the process is lost.

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Success is important here at Visa Simple. We can assure you that it is not about the money or the number of customers that we support. Our success is based on our client's visa acceptance and their satisfaction. Below you find some of the many e-mails and comments we received from our customers. We hope you will give us an opportunity to secure your acceptance. Next, please include your comments in the growing list: -


Amazing company to work with - they were very responsive on chat as we made some mistakes on our end. He assured us that everything will work and work with us until our online visa is obtained. We received this two days before the trip. I would highly recommend www.studydreams.in. If you are in a hurry, I would recommend making additional payments to ensure that it is ready in time as the government needed more documents and this allowed us to submit extra time.

Prabhleen Kaur

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 country( Students Visa Canada )

I spent 3 hours trying to complete the visa form on the government website for the USA and was not able to accept the proper documents on upload due to crashes and failures. I had discovered a reputed visa service from Trip Advisor and studydreams.in had only one positive response. After my own personal contact with support to validate the company, I moved forward with the process and it worked perfectly. I recommend studydreams.in for their professionalism, transparency and reasonable cost. The service fee of $ 35 was well worth it, as it wasted frustration and time trying to manage it on its own. I wish I could have found studydreams.in soon.

Sandeep Kumar

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 country( Students Visa USA )

Our Partner Colleges

We partner with over 1600+ colleges in 14 states that are committed to helping highly-motivated like you, complete your education arcu get aliquam.

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