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Why Study Dreams Immigration?

Study dreams Immigration and Education is an immigration and education specialist firm. We can give you relief from the category of visa application. We provide comprehensive short and long term international immigration and education solutions for those who wish to settle, travel, work or study abroad.

Dream of Study Immigration and Education is a partner legally approved by the Immigration Advisory Authority, Canada for a licensed immigration consultant.

We provide our clients with knowledge on various immigration policies and other relevant information that is required for work, travel, study or migration. We work through tailored processes designed to meet the customer's special needs that are relevant to their particular circumstances. This type of service makes us unique in international immigration advice all over the world.

We pride ourselves on implementing a specific strategy that guarantees the best visa approval opportunity for our clients. We always assess our work to strengthen the quality of our service for our customers.

Choose the right person to assist you with a visa application. If your visa is rejected, your planned trip may be canceled and the process of reapplying may require a lot of money and time.

    Free Immigration Assessment

    Find out your options for visa by completing a free online assessment.

    About our immigration consulting

    Study Dreams is Immigration law firm that provides advice on matters pertaining to immigrating to a abroad study.

    Many, who have made up their mind to emigrate, may ask "what is the use of hiring an immigration consultant". They feel that ultimately, it is just a form filling activity and some relevant documents have to be attached. There are some people who wonder why I should pay a hefty amount as part of consulting fees. Although the process from filing applications to submitting documents is part of the immigration process, there are various aspects of immigration that you may not be aware of. There may be many minor intricacies associated with the immigration process, which you may not know until you apply for immigration. You have to keep in mind that any incorrect information can lead to rejection of your application and in most cases you cannot reapply. The money and time you spend on the process is lost.

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    Our Mision

    Our mission is to become a leading overseas education provider by offering inclusive, accessible and authentic international education opportunities to every student

    Our Features

    If you want to earn your MS in the US, study and work in Canada, or find employment in the United States, we can match you with the right program.

    Our Infrastructure

    You think you need to study abroad, great! Getting started looks like a big process. We are here to help. Let us start with these steps. Determine if studying abroad fits your needs, when and where to review abroad Study abroad Talk to your experts and focus on financial services

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    Why Study Dreams Immigration?

    Study Dreams is a professional education consultancy firm, providing excellent support and service to students across India and unlimited study opportunities across the globe. We aim to improve educational standards. Crores of parents have asked for our advice to find a university suitable for their children.


    Our company is a rapidly and successfully developing company in the field of educational services. As a licensed Canadian student recruitment and marketing agency, we have contractual agreements with Canadian colleges and universities to provide them with paid marketing and recruitment services for international students from Central Asia and the CIS. Our services are paid for by the Canadian universities and colleges we work with. Therefore, our services for applicants, undergraduates and specialists entering educational institutions in Canada are free.

    Cooperation of educational institutions of Canada with our company “Central Asia Consulting” is mutually beneficial, since we:

    • significantly reduce the workload of the admissions department of Canadian colleges and universities, taking on the responsibilities of marketing, providing information services, and recruiting international students from Central Asia and the CIS;

    • helping Canadian colleges and universities expand the geography and diversity of international students from different countries;

    • we promote and advertise educational institutions of Canada in the countries of Central Asia and the CIS;

    • We help universities and colleges to select talented and successful students who can successfully graduate from the chosen educational institution in Canada;

    • we help establish Canadian graduate clubs and provide strong feedback to students from Central Asia and the CIS.
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    Our expertise and experience is reflected in our high success rate. Our caring and compassionate legal professionals work hard to get our application approved.

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