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Overview of the United Kingdom

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Overview of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) has an old relationship Reputation for educational excellence. home to World's oldest university in English speaking World, UK attracts more than 500,000 internationals Students annually. In fact, the UK is among Students from the top three countries choose International education worldwide.

The United Kingdom Northern
Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom
or the UK, is a sovereign state located off the
northwestern coast of mainland Europe. It is
comprised of four neighbouring island countries:
England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Although England, Scotland, Wales and Northern
Ireland are “nations”, they are not officially
independent countries. Instead, they are part
of the country of United Kingdom (UK)—and
bound by the UK constitution. Each of the four UK
countries have local governments, which manage

Local matters, such as healthcare and other social
Services. A democratically elected UK government
Oversees all national and international affairs,
The capital of Scotland, Wales and the North Islands are
Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast respectively.
Britain has a population of 67.7 million people
(Estimated 2019). Britain is a multicultural
The country is made up of many different peoples.
Cultural and religious background. In fact, almost
15% of residents identify themselves
Ethnic minority.

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